Welcome to Termfunding

Termfunding.biz Programs are a Direct funding source for thousands of small, medium and unlisted businesses in the United States and Canada. We offer any business owner the financing they need to expand or strengthen their businesses profitability. As a business owner, you can receive funds for your business within a week by obtaining either a total deposit advance or a credit line – two great alternatives to traditional small business loans or equity investors i.e. taking on a partner. Since we are not the banks we offer programs with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and interest only payment structures.

Our years of experience have provided us with a deep understanding of small businesses. Even if you’re a family operation or a one-person service provider, or a large multi-location operation, we have a program to suit your needs.


  • Amounts of $100k to $2 million and up;
  • Term: 90 days to 10 years;
  • Rate: 5.5 - 16%;
  • Full documentation;
  • Pre-qualification 72 hrs.;
  • Close: 7 days;
  • Payment Structure: Daily, Weekly, Bi Weekly, and Monthly;
  • Use of Funds: Working Capital, Consolidation of Debt Positions, Marketing, Expanding Operations, Buying Out a Partner, Remodeling, Purchasing Property, and/or Daily Operations;


  • Amounts $150K to $5 million and up;
  • Term: 3-5 yrs. Fixed/amortized over 30 years;
  • Rate: 5.5 - 18%;
  • Minimal Documentation or Stated;
  • Pre-qualification 72 hrs. or less;
  • Close: 15 days from receipt of Appraisal;
  • Payment Structure: Monthly and Interest Only;
  • Use of Funds: Purchasing Property, Remodeling, Expanding Operations, Marketing, Retiring Debt and Working Capital:


  • Amounts $150K and up;
  • Interest Only: 11 - 14%;
  • Must prove funds to close in a Bank account, and 2 yrs federal tax returns required;
  • Inspection-lender representative must inspect property with contractor prior to closing, in addition to an appraisal to determine the as is value and confirm ARV;
  • Pre-qualification 72 hrs. or less;
  • Close: 30 days from receipt of Appraisal;
  • SF- non-owner occupied only;
  • Use of Funds: Purchasing Property, Remodeling, and Working Capital;